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Celebrating a few beautiful women who transformed their lives with the help of The Rebirth Experience coaching program.

Meet Dinah, A Single Mom



Dinah made tremendous progress in just ONE month! Though pressed on every side, she persevered and released over 20 lbs in just 30 days. Eight months later, she's down 65 pounds! When I asked her how she felt she said, "CHAINS have been broken!!" Amen Dinah. AMEN.

"This is an awesome program that is educational and spiritual so you are fed physically through education of good food and spiritual food. As I travel this journey discovering what is best for my body and to live a healthier lifestyle, this program, transparency of Khara, support and accountability is right on point."

"The Rebirth Experience was an amazing program that came with life changing benefits for me! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is truly ready to make lasting changes in their life. You will be challenged, encouraged, supported, held accountable and blessed!!! The community that was created by the participants was invaluable!! I am thankful to Khara for allowing God to use her to be a blessing to others because I can honestly say I was blessed by this program."

"This has been an AMAZING experience! I highly recommend the Rebirth experience to everyone. You will grow spiritually and mentally and you will be a whole lot smaller physically. I have grown spiritually, lost weight and gained a lot more energy. This is the first God breathed health program that I have ever had the privilege of being a member of. The recipes are delicious and easy to make. Khara is always available for questions, prayer, support, and positive motivation. Your life will be forever changed."


"We see so much on the internet. But every now and then someone speaks to your heart. I was overweight with simple health issues and not staying on track to free myself of them. Well as time goes by it gets harder and harder, especially when you do it alone. I'm grateful for Khara's friendship, leadership and knowledge with my health journey. Not to mention her faith in God! I truly feel God has given Khara a gift to share with us all. With no regrets I'm glad I clicked on her page."


"I was at a place where I wanted to die, rather than continue to live as I was: sick, in pain, depressed, fat, and dying!! Then, I met Khara. She talked. I heard her, and all she said was good and true, but then I saw her, bright, shining, positive, healthy. She had lost 60 lbs; that's as much as a lot of 10 year old children weigh. She walked her talk, and her talk was not "nonsensical" or extreme. It wasn't crazy."


"I have been on 9 medications for years. I wanted to lose some weight, but my mindset for positive change was lacking. Khara has been a leader in challenging me to do my best, and to excel in the power of God.

I have lost weight and my mindset is changing. I'm thankful for her time, guidance and her ability to bless others. I would recommend this program to anyone."


"Khara is amazing!!! The program has made me look at food differently and help me to understand that I'm not in the struggle alone. She was attentive, very helpful and knowledgeable about her recipes.. If she didn't have an answer, she would have one for you at a later time! Recipes are delicious!! I recommend this program for anyone who is serious in making a lifestyle change. What a great experience!!

Thank you Khara!!!"


Why you need coaching to reach your goals:


  • You’ve tried on your own and failed more times then you can count

  • You’re facing battles on multiple fronts and need help balancing the “crazy”

  • You’re chronically ill and determined not to spend the rest of your life on medications that aren’t “curing” you

  • You know what you should be doing, but you can’t seem to do it consistently and know you need accountability


Step on over to “Work With Me” and let’s get started.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to either of us and that’s a fact!

"I was about to die Khara - I know it in my heart of hearts. I had even accepted my fate, was deeply depressed, but I was comfortable there. I was too embarrassed, ashamed and FULL of self loathing to message you with questions and I wasn't confident in myself that I would stick with it since the thought of living without cheese literally terrified me! 


However, in less than 24hrs of awkwardly eating what I bought on the list, I could literally (not figuratively) feel my organs waking up and start working. My kidneys were pretty much shot, I constantly had infections, pain and fatigue – all of which started to vanish in the first day! I got so excited and felt motivated for sure… 

Your understanding, support, encouragement, recipes and definitely the heads up about possibly experiencing a little tiredness / headaches, etc. provided me the tools and helped me feel MORE confident. I weighed 262 on August 7th and as of yesterday, I weigh 235.

Since August 7th - I've had ZERO cravings for poisonous food that I held so dear. This is my gratitude and why I'm SO SO SO grateful to you for posting your victories AND your struggles!"


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