It's Time to Lose Weight by FAITH!

The Body Balance Program

Being in an "alkaline" state is about being in BALANCE with your body. The majority of your organs are alkaline in nature as designed by the Creator. They function best when you feed them (your cells) foods that are rich in alkalinity and low in acid.

Take this 21 day journey to learn all about alkaline foods, how to transition your diet, and how to make this a lasting lifestyle to reverse disease, burn fat and reach total health and victory.

This program includes:

  • 3 week meal plan focused on foods high in alkalinity

  • 3-part teaching on what it means to create a more alkaline state within your body

  • Weekly lesson on creating balance in all areas of your life

  • Bonus teaching videos

30 Day Happy Gut


Do you feel unwell or unbalanced in your body, mind and spirit? Are you tired of diets and seeking a TOTAL cleanse of people, places, things and foods?

Sign up now for 30 days of wellness in the body, mind and SPIRIT. You begin by preparing the mind and spirit in week one. In week two we add in nourishing foods (primarily raw) and herbs to cleanse our cells and restore our energy and vitality allowing for the release of excess weight. All aspects of this program are bathed in the love of Christ and designed to give you the support you need to succeed in a nurturing environment.

This program includes:

  • Spiritual theme each week

  • Client Workbook

  • Full food guide with delicious recipes, shopping list and prep instructions

  • 21 Day supply of herbs 

  • Daily cleanse protocol outlining exactly what to do when

  • Cleanse guide explaining the "why"

  • Kitchen Food Preparation & Cooking Tips


"This has been an awesome service. Very well. planned and supportive to facilitate my lifestyle change. I would highly recommend this program if you need a detox or need support to transition to a plant based lifestyle." ~ Monique

"This is an awesome program that is educational and spiritual so you are fed physically through education of good food and spiritual food. As I travel this journey discovering what is best for my body and to live a healthier lifestyle, this program, transparency of Khara, support and accountability is right on point." ~ Karen