Let's be honest. Most women crave chocolate. This is especially true around certain times of the month. Chocolate just gives us that fix. It lifts our endorphins and makes us feel better. But did you know chocolate is actually GOOD for you and can be enjoyed without guilt?


The problem isn’t chocolate ladies. It's what we DO to chocolate that causes issues. God created potatoes, but French fries definitely came from the devil. lol. I happen to LOVE chocolate. I love it to the point where I want to sing like they did in The Color Purple, “Me and you will never part”!! But for years chocolate did NOT love me back. Turns out I simply needed the right information, and I am now passing that same knowledge on to you. 


The Word says that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty aka freedom. And the LORD is in chocolate! Chocolate in its natural form is loaded with antioxidants, which help reduce damage to your cells and boost overall health. Say WHAT?? Chocolate can help me stay healthy?? Yes. Yes ma'am.


Would you like to know the keys to enjoying chocolate whenever you want with no consequences? First step, is to only use raw cacao. And the second step?? You’ve gotta get in that kitchen sweetie. GET IN THERE. 


But the KIND of chocolate you use is very important. While normal cocoa powder and chocolate have been chemically process (destroying a lot of the antioxidants), the raw form of chocolate, known as cacao, keeps these intact so YOU reap the benefits! Be sure as you make these dishes you're choose cacao powder vs cocoa powder, or using 70-80% dark chocolate bars (you can always sweeten these on your own natural without cane sugar). 


This ebook contains 7 VERY easy recipes for you to whip up when the chocolate urge hits you. My chocolate cake is the most complicated one and even it’s easy to make. Just gather all of your ingredients first, turn on your oven (if required), pull out a baking pan, mixing bowl, measuring cups and spoons…a nice playlist or movie, and create a delicious treat for yourself. 


YOU DESERVE IT. Look yourself in the mirror and repeat after me, “Only the BEST will do for me!” 


In here you will find the following goodies: 

  • My famous chocolate cake 

  • Decadent chocolate peppermint truffles 

  • Chocolate Nutty Baked Pears 

  • Hot Chocolate 

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pops 

  • Chocolate Banana Ice Cream 

  • Quick Chocolate Chip Cookies 


Let me tell you something momma…After you see how easy it is to make your own sweet treats while still losing weight and running away from diabetes, you’re gonna want to give me a big ole hug. And I can’t wait to return it! 

The Chocoholic Attack