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The Case of Eve and that Doggone Apple

Let me be honest, I am OBSESSED with this story. It takes my mind in so many different directions. What did the apple look like? Why was it so appealing when there was SO much other fruit around? How long did the serpent tempt Eve before she eventually ate? Did it at least taste good?

I won’t have answers to any of those questions until I talk to Eve face-to-face. So all we have to go on is a comparison to what happens when WE are tempted.

Let’s look at two key points from that passage:

Trust - The serpent whittled away at Eve’s trust of God

False wisdom - She exchanged the truth for a lie to satisfy a craving

What does this have to do with me and my weight loss goals you say? I’m glad you asked. You see, we aren’t as different from Eve as we might think. The serpent deceives us every single day. “It’s just one cookie”, “One piece of candy”, “One slice of pizza”.... “I’ll start again tomorrow or next week”. He told me that lie for two decades. For two decades he whispered in my ear “ye shall not surely die”.

And you know what, he was right. I didn’t die immediately but I was definitely dying slowly! I exchanged the truth for his lies because the truth was too hard to accept...that the food I loved was actually killing me… #tobecontinued

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