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Meal Prep - It ain't for punks

Ah yes...we've all seen the glorious pics show-offs post of their elaborate meal prep. If its not your gift (or you dislike cooking), then you likely just keep on scrolling. You tell yourself you'll get it together "one day". Listen, I know how you feel. I could never do Weight Watchers because I couldn't track points. Food diaries...yeah, couldn't stick to those.

What finally worked for me was narrowing what I ate, sticking to nutrient dense foods (foods high in nutrition leaving your cells satisfied) and picking one or two things to prepare and just eating that all week long. No guess work, no games....60 lbs lighter, I feel GREAT.

So yes, meal prep WORKS if YOU do! And you can do it even if you hate cooking. In fact, the more you hate cooking, the more you need to meal prep. Don't make it complicated. Choose easy to prepare foods that you already like. That's half the battle. For the other half, download my Meal Prep Planning mini-guide. In it you'll find tips & strategies, plus RECIPES....

Check it out and let me know what you think by sending me a note at

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