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Listen to your gut...its always right

Gut instinct. We all have one right? People will often say to you, “listen to your gut”. What they mean is, that still small voice. You know the one we often ignore? What’s interesting is that the subconscious gut they speak of serves a similar function to our physical gut. Your gastrointestinal system is the hub of your body. It’s party central. Your GI tract starts at the neck with what you first put in your body, and then continues on down through the center of your body to where we evacuate. (So rooter to tooter!) Everything you physically eat, the body tries to find a use for it - whether one exists or not.

So if your GI tract malfunctions, it literally affects every other system in your body eventually. This is why Hippocrates said, “disease begins in the gut”. Indeed one could also say that disease begins in the MIND. It starts with the decisions we make on what to consume physically, mentally and Spiritually. Your MIND is also the hub of your system as that is where decisions begin and end. The path we are all on is to conquer our mind and make decisions that serve us rather then those that harm.

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