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Herbs are for healing!

And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food. Genesis 1:29

"..The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." Revelation 22:2

YES! The Bible speaks about herbs! Both in the beginning (Genesis) and the end (Revelation)! Herbs are a literal gift from God. Nature proclaims His glory everytime we step into it and herbs are a big part of that. 

**Please note: I am not a doctor or licensed medical professional. I am sharing what works for ME. Please consult your doctors to discuss your plans before treating yourself or a loved ones.**

Let's start with a few truths 1. Herbs are food. Yep, that's right. Herbs are simply plants. When used medicinally they're often dried. This also gives them a long shelf life. 2. Herbs are healing. If you do enough digging you'll find out that many pharmaceutical drugs have their roots in plants. The plant is taken then adulterated with a lot of other unnatural things that often have very negative side effects. 3. Herbs, when used properly, can greatly add you in your health

Keys to using herbs wisely 1. Choose herbs based on what you'd like to treat or prevent. Google "natural remedies for....". Always check multiple sources for consistent information. 2. Research proper usage and check for any contraindications. While most herbs are completely harmless even in large quantities, some herbs may affect medications you might be taking. 3. Don't overthink it. Just start in simple small steps. Pick one to two herbs

Herbs I wouldn't live without on a deserted island Elderberry - Excellent immune builder or at first sign of illness Marshmallow root - Excellent for bladder issues. (I've made ONE cup at the 1st sign of a bladder infection and felt better by the end of the day!) Cascara root - Excellent for GI cleanse or constipation Red Clover - Excellent for women's health and hormonal issues Nettle Leaf - Excellent for iron and allergies Roasted Dandelion root + Chicory root - Boosts liver health, great diuretic, may lower blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, high in dietary fiber...but most importantly...the combination of these two (equal parts) makes an EXCELLENT substitute for coffee!

Preparing Herbs This is where a lot of people get hung up. They're scared - so the herbs just sit there...thrown into the back of the pantry. Don't do it! Here are three easy ways: Make a tea: Also known as an infusion. Simply boil 1 teaspoon of the herb for every 1 cup of water. (Make double and store the rest for later in the day or the next day) Make a decoction: A decoction is simply a more concentrated form. I use this method when I want to combine various herbs to treat or improve something. It's easier to make a decoction and think just take a quick shot of that during the day then drink tea continuously. Click here for a detailed article showing how to do this.

Sourcing Herbs My top recommendations online are Mountain Rose Herbs and Frontier Herbs (also available on Amazon). You should also check your local health food store. Here in Atlanta, Sevananda Grocer has an excellent bulk herbs section and knowledgeable friendly staff!

That's all for this addition of Wellness Wednesday. I hope this blessed you and look forward to sharing more valuable content with you in the days and weeks to come!

More questions about herbs? Shoot me an email at and ask! In the meantime, check out my herbal stash. (I get SO geeked about this stuff)

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