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7 simple ways to reset your system after the holidays

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Make small incremental changes

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to do too much at once. Changing your diet and taking on a big exercise program at the same time is a recipe of failure for many people. Start with one lane. Once you master it, move on to incorporate a new challenge.

Jump into a cleanse

Cleansing is a fantastic way to reset and reboot your system. Pushing yourself through it will improve your discipline, reset your tastebuds (particularly busting sugar cravings), purge your system of unwanted crap, and help you to release weight quickly boosting your confidence by seeing results. A cleanse incorporating herbs aids this process even more as the herbs will help you flush and release toxins while also supporting vital organs in the body.

Pick a path based on your conviction

Don’t reset based on how you feel emotionally or the latest fad. What is your conviction? What’s in your spirit? Build on that. Let your conviction be your guide instead of your emotions or even how your body feels at times. Sometimes when we make dietary shifts our body goes through a period of withdrawal that just isn’t pleasant. Your conviction (along with research about your chosen path) will keep you grounded during this needed season of change.

It’s about addition - not subtraction

Many times when we think about adopting a healthier lifestyle, we focus on what we can’t/shouldn't have instead of focusing on the abundance of fresh foods available that our body is excited to absorb. Changing your lifestyle presents a great opportunity to try new foods you've never eaten before. While it's tempting to stick to old favorites, challenge yourself to try a new food each week. Make Google your friend to get preparation tips & ideas.

Let go of labels and clean up your diet

Remove refined & processed foods. Commit to eat only whole real foods 80-90% of the time. This may seem hard at first, but simple dishes like stir-frys or a basic but “veggie-full” pasta dish can be both delicious and satisfying. Add fresh fruit to your diet every single day. Smoothies are an easy way to get fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds into your diet. Every time you prepare food consider the rainbow. If you have a good variety of color there, you have an excellent nutritional profile as well!

Be intentional about establishing a new habit

New habits don’t just make themselves. You have to start somewhere - on purpose. Whip out that smartphone and set appointments for yourself to make small steps towards the new habit. If you fail to meet the goal, take a moment to trace your steps to see what needs to be corrected moving forward. Rinse and repeat to form the new habit.

Explore a new joy for the new year (find something to do besides eat!)

Eating is a HUGE part of our culture. We eat to celebrate, we eat when we mourn. We eat when we’re stressed, we eat when we’re bored. What can you find to do that is NOT about eating? The next time you plan a gathering with friends what can you do so that eating is in the background? What creative interests do you have that you can explore in the new year? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn another language. Or make a commitment to read more. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to knit or crochet (yes people still do this!).

Ready to make a change but need some help? Cleansing the gut is the BEST way to lay a good foundation for a new system. Help yourself to my mini-teaching on gut health AND a 6 day meal plan and dip your foot in the pond of yummy plant-based foods. (click the previous sentence to receive the materials!)

Start where you are with what you have. Make these changes and help yourself to more energy, better bathroom episodes and the release of unwanted pounds. As my favorite pastor says, “Who say amen to that??”

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