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You might need a JUMPSTART if....​

  • You've dieted more times than you can count but struggled to be successful and never applied your faith to your weight loss journey

  • You want to  break free from unhealthy eating habits  you know are bad for you

  • You suffer with chronic bloating, feel sluggish or have stomach problems

  • You're constantly in a state of "brain fog"

  • You deal with nagging cravings, like morning coffee, that sabotage your efforts to eat healthy

  • You often feel tired even after a full night's sleep

  • You want to feel more energy throughout the day, so you can live your life with more passion and vibrancy

If we haven’t met, I am Khara Ashburne, faith-based Health & Lifestyle Coach and founder of The Rebirth Experience. I developed the 30-Day Faith Works Jumpstart program to reboot your palate free from sugar and junk food cravings, kickstart your healthy lifestyle, rid your system of unwanted toxins that often lead to disease, and reshape your body from the inside out! 

When I made my transition to a healthier lifestyle a few years ago, quarterly cleansing made a HUGE difference. After losing the 1st 30 pounds through my plant-based transition, I lost an additional 30 lbs through a series of cleanses! 


Regular cleansing pushed me through weight loss plateaus, reset my taste buds from any missteps, and renewed my commitment to a healthier lifestyle. I know it can do the same thing for you.



Diets don't work. Lifestyle changes do.

What’s the difference between a Diet and a Lifestyle? How can a cleanse help?

On a diet, you find yourself trying to count every calorie you eat, which understandably causes you to become frustrated and give up. At the end of the day, you find yourself hungry and lethargic. 

The 30-Day Faith Works Jumpstart program isn’t about starving your body, counting calories, practicing portion control or depriving yourself. Instead you will feast on delicious cooked and raw fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds while taking herbs daily designed to optimize your body's ability to cleanse. This is the perfect kickstart to a new healthier lifestyle!

The dirty little secret that could be blocking your health goals

How the Jumpstart can change your system

There's ONE main reason why even many plant-based eaters still hold on to excess weight....Sugar, wheat and starchy foods are still plant-based. Yep. I love bread as much as the rest of the world but it is a real diet killer! Starchy grains are not only an allergen for many people, but also a major killer of good health.

The ideal diet is high in whole fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds free from processed foods.

It can be hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle 24/7. A jumpstart is the ideal way to reboot your system, jumpstart your metabolism, release bloating and purge your tastebuds of cravings.

This cleanse is high in fiber and nutrients. Not a single calorie is wasted. Your cells will JUMP for JOY and your body will thank you!

Why periodic cleansing is so important for appetite control

"The Redeemer of the world knew that the indulgence of appetite would bring physical debility, and so deaden the perceptive organs that sacred and eternal things would not be discerned. Christ knew that the world was given up to gluttony, and that this indulgence would pervert the moral powers.


If the indulgence of appetite was so strong upon the race that in order to break its power, the divine Son of God, in behalf of man, was required to fast nearly six weeks, what a work is before the Christian in order that he may overcome even as Christ overcame! The strength of the temptation to indulge perverted appetite can be measured only by the inexpressible anguish of Christ in that long fast in the wilderness." Testimonies to the Church

In this program you will receive Spiritual nourishment to encourage you to tap into a power greater than yourself to "keep you from falling".

One thing I learned through my own journey is the power of applying FAITH to your lifestyle efforts. Why do it alone when Holy Ghost power is available? Not only will I teach you what foods work best to cleanse your system, drop weight and give you optimum energy, I will give you the Spiritual support and encouragement you need to adopt better habits for LIFE. Disregard what the enemy told you and BELIEVE again that getting your health back is POSSIBLE!


Included with your cleanse are powerful herbs formulated to flush your cells and renew your energy.

I will take you step-by-step through this simple cleanse that will make a huge difference in how you feel and look – in just 30 days! 

We start on Monday, February 4th. Register now for just $247. This includes your herbs, full meal plan for the entire cleanse program, guided weekly coaching, and an app to track your healthy habits.


**Sign up by Friday, January 25th and receive a free live meal prep class**

2 additional payments of $74 will be billed automatically on a bi-weekly basis.

Will I really see results in just 30 days? 

ABSOLUTELY. When you eat foods that aren’t right for your body, you may feel bloated, sluggish and lethargic. The 30-Day Faith Works Jumpstart gives you the results you are looking for because you will be removing foods that cause inflammation in the body, and improving your body's ability to absorb nutrients so you're not as hungry all the time.


By removing inflammatory foods & removing blockages in your colon, the cells in your body will stop holding onto fat. Raw fruits & veggies are the PERFECT way to reboot!

What results can I expect from this 30-Day Cleanse? 

  • FIRST of all - delicious food enjoyed in abundance without restriction. No portion control or calorie counting

  • Eliminating the major allergens like wheat, and ingredients in processed foods can help you determine any hidden food sensitivities that are causing you to hold onto weight. 

  • Learn which foods fuel your body, so you can bring your A-game to everything you do! 

  • Jumpstart your metabolism, so you can release excess weight you may be holding onto. 

  • Less cravings and hunger for foods that sabotage weight loss. 

  • Reduced inflammation and digestive issues, which is the major cause of bloating and many illnesses and disease 

  • Reduced stress. Cleaning up your diet for 30 days will have a powerful impact on your emotional state. As stress melts away, your metabolism will be able to function optimally. 

What type of support is provided to me if I have questions during the cleanse?

I'm glad you asked! One of the things that makes The Rebirth Experience cleanses so different is that we believe strongly in community, and FAITH.


Each week during the cleanse we will have a live coaching call where you can dial in, get all of your questions answered, but also receive support, encouragement and PRAYER. "Where two or three are gathered" leads to POWERFUL outcomes.

"I was too embarrassed, ashamed and FULL of self loathing to message you with questions and I wasn't confident in myself that I would stick with it since the thought of living without cheese literally terrified me! 

However, in less than 24hrs of awkwardly eating what I bought on the list, I could literally (not figuratively) feel my organs waking up and start working. My kidneys were pretty much shot, I constantly had infections, pain and fatigue – all of which started to vanish in the first day! I got so excited and felt motivated for sure."

- Heidi W.

I created the Faith Works Jumpstart program for several reasons: 

  1. There are a million weight loss programs out there but very few that rely on your faith in GOD to carry you through. The Faith Works program uses Spiritual principles to power you through tough moments during the cleanse.

  2. Life gets in the way of a healthy and nutritional lifestyle. While we might be motivated when we begin, it’s easy to fall back into old habits. 

  3. It takes a village. Cleansing can be tough to do on your own. This program is designed to give you the support you need as you go through the process. 

  4. Having gone through several cleanses, I often found I hadquestions along the way and wished I had a coach I could go to for direction. 

  5. I want you to learn from the mistakes I have made during the cleanses I have done in the past.  I also want to share systems I have developed to simplify the process. Why should you have to reinvent the wheel?

  6. Cleansing is a very effective way to create long-term changes, but most people don’t know  how to effectively use a cleanse to create lasting changes. 

  7. I love helping other people experience the same transformation I did! Listen to this amazing testimony below from Jacinth and her husband.

Are you ready to transform the way you look and feel? 

The Results 

  • Lose an average of 3-5 pounds per week. Enjoy clothes shopping again!

  • Say good-bye to cravings, unwanted weight gain, and bloating for good. 

  • Feel energized, clear and confident. 

  • De-stress, no matter what busy environment you live in. 

  • Transition into a healthy lifestyle you can live with, and leave those old habits behind! 

What’s Included? 

  • Cleanse Guide 
    A complete guide so you know what to do and when. 

  • Daily Protocol 
    An easy to follow document that you can print out and post on your fridge so you can stay on track. 

  • A Complete Meal Plan with Delicious Recipes 
    You won’t feel deprived with the amazing menu I have put together for you, and you’ll know exactly what to buy and cook for three full weeks. You will also receive a detailed prep guide each week to save you planning time and energy. All recipes will be 100% plant-based raw and cooked foods. 

  • Daily Support on a Closed Facebook Group 
    You will have my personal support and the support of your fellow cleansers each step of the way, so you never feel stuck or like you’re in it alone. 

  • Coaching Support 
    This is not a program where you invest in materials and never hear from me again. In addition to a live weekly coaching call throughout the cleanse, I will be with you every step of the way providing guidance, offering tips for success, answering questions and offering resources. 

  • Herbal Formula
    Along with your cleanse materials you will also receive a full herbal kit designed to deepen your cleanse. The herbs for this cleanse cycle have been carefully chosen and combined to support the health of your gastrointestinal tract & colon, gently purging your system and ridding it of other unwanted toxins. Combining the herbs with the dietary plan gives you a phenomenal opportunity for total body reset. 

Sign up now for just $247

*Followed by 2 bi-weekly payments of $74

During this program, you won’t need to take the week off from work, or deny yourself the pleasure of delicious food. 

What will I be doing during this cleanse?

What can I expect during this cleanse?

Week 1 of the cleanse focuses on cleansing externally. We spend the week preparing our lives. During week one you will also begin a client workbook to record how you're presently feeling emotionally, mentally and physically. And you will practice some of the recipes to find ones you most enjoy.

Week 2 we begin the food portion by consuming raw foods Monday-Friday then cooked food on the weekend. We also begin using the herbs.

Week 3 we deepen the cleanse by consuming raw foods for 7 days. This allows the herbs to work even deeper.

Week 4 we return to 5 days raw, 2 cooked days and refine our routine re-affirming our new habits. You will also complete your client workbook recording your "after"!

You may experience slight hunger the first few days of the cleanse, but you can always add in a snack from the recipes and ideas I have put together for you. You will also find over time that eating nutrient rich foods will cause your appetite to reduce over time leading to even great weight loss.


Plus, the meal plans are packed with amazing recipes that will likely become favorites of yours, even after the cleanse. 

You may experience slight hunger the first few days of the cleanse, but you can always add in a snack from the recipes and ideas I have put together for you. You will also find over time that eating nutrient rich foods will cause your appetite to reduce over time leading to even great weight loss.


Plus, the meal plans are packed with amazing recipes that will likely become favorites of yours, even after the cleanse. 

You said cleanse. Will I be in the bathroom all day long?

In one word: NO. While you may eliminate more frequently due to the herbs & high water intake from fruits and veggies it should not be uncomfortable or constant. The herbs you will take gently cleanse and support the bowels.

Please note that you NEED to remove the waste from your system to prevent disease, boost your immune system, and increase the absorption of nutrients into your system. Going to the bathroom is actually a GOOD thing! 

Check out feedback from repeat cleanser, Cre!

"This is an awesome program that is educational and spiritual so you are fed physically through education of good food and spiritual food. As I travel this journey discovering what is best for my body and to live a healthier lifestyle, this program, transparency of Khara, support and accountability is right on point." ~ Karen

Reset Your Body in 30 Days 

*Followed by 2 bi-weekly payments of $74

It’s time to put your FAITH first!


I look forward to supporting you during the cleanse!

Khara Ashburne


Coach K

Happiness Guarantee 

I have held nothing back in creating this program for you. I want you to live a happier, more vibrant life so I’m giving you all the tools and support you need to start your path to a healthier lifestyle. Because I want you to experience the amazing results possible in this program, once the program materials have been sent out, there are no refunds. I have created this policy so that we are both accountable for your success. I am here to support you every step of the way!