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Feeling Spiritually disconnected and stuck in your health journey? Hit the reset button with a quick free cleanse.

This is a 5 day raw cleanse program with recipes, videos, health education and Spiritual nourishment.

Lose weight by FAITH with Coach K!

You, are a woman of purpose. You know you have a destiny greater than your current situation, but the journey to get there seems too hard. You feel as though your weight is holding you back. "If only I could get this weight off, I'd feel so much more confident" you say.

You're ready for change. But you don't know where to start, how to start or what to do first. You just know you need things to be different than they are right now!

There comes a point in life where you’re tired. Tired when you wake up in the morning and tired when you go to bed at night. You simply don’t feel good. You told yourself you were ok with the weight and that the health issues you face are just the normal aging process. But part of you is starting to realize that’s a lie.


As someone once told me, “Doing the right thing is easy once you have a made up mind”. Once I conquered mindset, donuts on the counter at work had no power over me. None whatsoever! 

You are in the right place to find ALL the tools, structure, accountability and support you need to finally kick those extra pounds OUT and live the life you were created for.


I want you to imagine setting goals for your life and actually achieving them. I remember how I felt the day I stepped on the scale and it registered under 200 lbs. I almost cried. It was in that moment I realized I never actually believed I would lose the weight and I saw it was not only possible, it was my new reality. God doesn’t play favorites. What He has done for me He will do for you too. Give it to Him and be amazed at what happens!

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